One more thing

Now our real work begins. I said the symbol is the only thing of importance I have here to say, but of course I can't stop talking. I need to:

*Establish my own credibility as a person, for you to be able to take me as a person.

*Explain how a new age hippy thingamabobber can protect you against otherworldly horror, to make sure that you understand that it works.

*Keep writing just so that if I stop, you'll know something has happened to me.

*Drive home the point that although you may think Slenderman is a joke, a stupid meme or an alternate reality game it is no less real. Somehow make you believe it. Not to underestimate it or fear it, but to be able to fight it.

*Probably something more I haven't thought of yet. Please, don't let me miss anything important.

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